Application for approval – new variety for SMAK marking

Application for approval of a new variety for SMAK marking

In order to strengthen the work for food safety, we are introducing a time-limited approval of new varieties. It is as easy to apply for approval of a new variety as earlier, but to get a permanent approval, you need to submit supplementary analyses of glycoalkaloids 12 months after the approval of a new variety.


  1. Fill in the form which you can download here
  2. Email a copy of:
  • Variety description in Swedish or English
  • Picture of the potato tuber
  • Picture of the sprout
  • Picture of the flower
  • Lab analysis on glycoalkaloids, a new analysis is sent to Svensk Potatis 12 months after approval, then on Swedish-grown potatoes to see if our climate has an impact on the glycoalkaloids and their development.
  • A completed form to:
  1. Send 15 kg of unwashed potatoes for analysis and eyepiece inspection to the lab in Skänninge.
    Reception address:
    Svensk Potatis
    Östanågatan 1
    S-596 34 Skänninge

After the analysis, a decision is announced via e-mail. After approving a variety, the variety is posted on Svensk Potatis website:

  1. 12 months after approval, a supplementary analysis of current levels of glycoalkaloids (TGA analysis) must be submitted. The analysis is sent to
  2. After obtaining a renewed approved analysis, a decision is announced whether the variety retains the approval. In the absence of a supplementary analysis, the approval expires, and the variety is removed from the list of approved varieties.
  3. A fee of SEK 1,450 is invoiced to applicants upon application. No other fees will be added. The application fee will be used for further work to follow up and research on glycoalkaloids.

More information can be obtained at Svensk Potatis website where the application form and detailed description are available: